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Test Proctoring

Prevent cheating and ensure integrity of test results by choosing from four levels of assessment proctoring.


Automatic authentication is perfect when simple, inexpensive candidate verification is all you need. This solution is designed for entry-level use cases. Candidates take a picture of their face and identification, answer a few questions, and submit their biometric signature to begin their assessment.

Pattern Analysis

The video recording can be condensed down to a series of periodic snapshots that are compared to ensure that the candidate has not switched with a replacement. Furthermore, pattern analysis on keystroke and mouse usage provides a highly accurate way of detecting a user switch, even if the two individuals appear similar.

Full session recording

When a clean test environment is necessary but budget is limited, auto-authentication can be combined with keystroke analysis and video recording for rigorous anti-cheating measures. Candidates are informed that a subset of recordings will be reviewed by a live proctor, so this level strikes a balance between cost and security.

Live video proctoring

When real-time proctoring is a must for high-stakes testing, proctors monitor each student continuously. If suspicious behavior develops on the video feed or from forensic mouse and keyboard patterns, the proctor can question a test-taker immediately. Proctors can also, optionally, offer assistance or technical support if desired.