Job Previews

See and evaluate candidates in action doing the job to get a highly accurate assessment of their readiness. Software simulations allow candidates interact with fully-functional spreadsheets, databases, and ticketing software. AI-powered conversation agents let candidates talk to customers for support, sales, and technical support.

Work Samples

The real world doesn’t come with multiple-choice and neither should job previews; situations are open-ended. Job previews use the channel that best represents the job, whether phone, video, text-chat, or email.

Realistic job previews are the most predictive category of job assessment due to the tight relationship between the content of the assessment and the actual job. Candidates believe job previews are highly relevant to the job, which makes intuitive sense. Companies that add work samples to their hiring process earn significantly higher NPS scores from candidates, on average.

The architecture of job previews lends itself to customization for a particular job role and industry. The limiting factor is that job previews should not be so specialized to a role that they give to large of an advantage to candidates who have prior industry knowledge.

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