See candidates in action

Put your candidates in challenging work situations that mirror the reality of the job and see how they perform. Watch them close support tickets, prospect for leads, build spreadsheets, write code, and even talk to AI-powered simulated customers on the phone.

Gain deep insights

See how your candidates compare at a glance and drill down into individual assessments and the underlying performance dimensions that determine success on the job.

How can real-world abilities be evaluated?


Work samples

See and hear your candidates in real-world job simulations. Work samples combine software with phone, video, chat, and email to recreate a day in the life of an employee so you can clearly isolate marginal vs strong candidates.

Structured assessments

Structured assessments reduce bias by applying the same standards to all candidates and minimizing individual idiosyncrasies. Gain confidence that every candidate has been evaluated fairly and that you’re hiring the best.

Online interviews

Free up your team’s and your candidate’s time. Candidates can interview by phone, video, and text chat from any device. You’ll wish you’d done it years ago.

Intuitive. Validated. Predictive.

There is no better predictor of how someone will perform on the job, than seeing them do the job.


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What people love about Interviewed.

The best predictor of how someone will perform in a job is a work sample test. Give candidates a sample piece of work, similar to that which they would do in the job, and assess their performance.

Laszlo Bock Google, SVP of People

Interviewed is the future of hiring. The benchmarked assessments let us reduce time-to-hire by 50%, grow our candidate pool by 200%, and increase quality of hire. Every company who takes hiring seriously should use Interviewed.

Jonathan Swanson Thumbtack, President

Interviewed has replaced a large chunk of our screening process. They're wonderfully attentive and creative. I trust them to deliver results for us and create a delightful experience for our applicants.

Olga Narvskaya Clara Labs, Operations Lead

Frequently Asked Questions

How are assessments validated?

Assessments are validated along three dimensions: content, construct, and criterion validity.

First, content validity judges how well an assessment captures the skills and capabilities of a particular job. This is essential for adhering to fair-hiring standards set by the EEOC and other regulators.

Second, construct validity measures a test against a theoretical scientific construct such as cognitive aptitude. In practice, this involves comparing the results of a new assessment against other cognitive aptitude markers and looking for high correlation.

Third, the gold standard of validation is criterion validity. Criterion validity measures how correlated test results are to concrete business metrics like employee retention, job performance, or sales. While it is the most difficult to measure because of the time and expense, it is the ultimate tool for demonstrating predictive validity of an assessment.

How predictive of long-term job performance is it?

Interviewed’s job assessments are highly predictive of long-term job performance. Work samples and job simulations have the highest correlation with long-term job performance of any job screening measure. When compared to conventional interviewing, Interviewed structured assessments are twice as predictive as conventional interviews and three times more predictive than biographic factors such as experience and education.

How can you evaluate soft skills like empathy?

Let’s consider an email-based customer support scenario during which the candidate has replied to an upset customers. Interviewed first gathers a large data set of candidate responses and then shows them to real-world customers and managers and asks them how empathetic the customer service person was to their request. With that data, we then build a detailed scoring rubric that looks for specific markers in the response and scores them on a sliding scale. Interviewed uses the same process to measure many soft skills and subtle behaviors.

Do candidates talk to real people during the phone and chat simulations?

Interviewed automates phone and chat simulations with AI and machine learning. This lets candidates have a realistic experience while maintaining a highly structured experience and eliminating bias.

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